Payday loans for people without a bank account. Where can we get them?

Pożyczki dla osób bez konta bankowego. Gdzie możemy je dostać?

Having your own bank account is already standard today. We can set up an account and run it at no charge. However, there are people who do not have their bill yet or do not want to have it at all. In this case, the problem becomes the use of various banking services, for example sending and receiving transfers. The payday loan is also in question. Can we do this without having a bank account?

Do you need a payday loan, but you do not have a bank account? Or maybe you do not want money to be transferred to a bank account? In this case, it is worth looking for such lenders who will be able to give us money in cash.

Today, most banks and payday loan companies require that customers have a personal account. It is then used not only to transfer money in the form of a transfer, but also serves to verify your identity when you want to get a payday loan online. We have then basically three ways to get money in the form of cash, even when we choose an on-line payday loan.


1. A payday loan taken in person at the outlet

This is another proposal for people who do not have a bank account. When there are lending companies operating in the area, then most often we can borrow money in their hands – mainly smaller amounts. Then we get them from the hand, so we do not have to provide the bank account number.

2. A payday loan with home support

The third option is a payday loan with home support. Currently, only a few payday loan companies on the Polish market offer it. This payday loan consists in settling all matters in the client’s home – then the payday loan company employee comes with a contract to sign and transfers funds in the form of cash to the customer.

The return of the payday loan is also carried out in a similar manner. We make an appointment with an employee of a payday loan company who comes to pick up cash on a given day and time. This is a convenient option, but we must also remember that it will be associated with higher costs.


Borrow 100 Euros – See all 100 € loans for comparison.

On this page we compared the online 100 EUR Tinker Bell Loans

We listed all loan services for which you can apply for a loan of 100 euros.

Thus, a small loan is also available without the expenses and interest Tipus, Peratsong , Unsaman , Purogalit and Sulsolmalimit services.

Please note that interest-free Loans are offers that only apply to new customers.

* Starred are only promotions for new customers.

Read more about the loan locations in the comparison by clicking on the loan site logo.

See below what table of loans we recommend!

The loan issuer Age Unsaman Borrow The loan period You pay Costs
Tipus 21 years € 100 60 days € 100 * 0 € *
peratsoong 20 yrs € 100 45 days € 100 * 0 € *
Unsaman 20 yrs € 100 30 days € 100 * 0 € *
Purogalit 21 years € 100 30 days € 100 * 0 € *
Sulsolmalimit 20 yrs € 100 180 days € 114 14 €
Peter Pan 18 Years € 100 365 days 137.50 € € 37.50
Theon Grayjoy 20 yrs € 100 30 days € 115 15 €
Andrew E 20 yrs € 100 45 days € 119 € 19

We recommend these 100 euro loans: – Free first loan 10 – 1000 euros!

  • The Sulsolmalimit offers the largest consumer-free first-time loan.
  • The Sulsolmalimit gives up to 60 days to pay.
  • The age Unsaman is 21 years.
  • You can apply for a loan anytime.
  • Get a loan decision immediately.
  • The Sulsolmalimit loan is a 100% unsecured loan.
  • Your money will be transferred quickly to your account.
  • Take advantage of the first-time loan and save your money!


Tipus – The best-known online loan of 10 to 400 euros!

  • is the most well-known first-hand non-performing first-time loan issuer.
  • The first loan is between 10 and 400 euros.
  • You will have 30 days to pay.
  • first interest rate is 0%!
  • The service age is 20 years.
  • You do not need collateral or guarantors.
  • Search for a loan online 24/7.
  • Take advantage of this loan offer.

Peratsong – The first free loan from 100 to 300 euros!

  • Peratsong grants a really fast, non-consumable first loan!
  • New customers get the first loan at 0% interest!
  • The first loan is 100 to 300 euros.
  • You will receive a payment period of 7-30 days.
  • The service age is 21 years.
  • You can apply for a loan online 24/7.
  • Get a loan decision right away.
  • The money is in your account in less than 10 minutes.