LCD TV Repair – Is Now a Good Time to Upgrade Your Repair Skills?

By | April 16, 2018

A defective power IC, power fet breakdown when under load, high esr in electrolytic capacitor, increased in current sense resistor value, a shorted zener diode, a leaky receptor, open circuit or resistor has changed value in primary side can cause power to blink. As for the secondary aspect, a shorted secondary diode, flyback, HOT, horizontal yoke coil, damper diode, B+ fet, an open filter capacitor, shorted IC and the like can cause power to blink as well.Image result for crt repair

Typically the things i do is to remove the B+ fet first and hook up a light bulb to distinguish whether is the primary or right after the B+ circuit components that caused power to blink. However in this case, I did not position the light bulb and I directly removed the B+ fet and energy on the monitor. For your information, this B+ fet is the samsung tv repair nutfield N-channel mosfet and this B+ fet is part of the boost circuit.

After removing the B+ fet, not only the power didn’t blink, there was display as well and the anode voltage scans about 12 Kilo volt (a good monitor should have about 24 KV). The reason why you have 12 kilo volts is because the boost circuit is not functioning due to the removal of the B+ fet. The display shown a little width and the horizontal size control is already set to the most (you can’t get maximum width because the pluspol voltage is merely 12 KV). You can control or set everything in the On Screen Display (OSD) except you can’t bring horizontal size to maximum.

Repairing an LCD keep track of should be a simple task for well trained experts. On the other hand, if you have the natural skills for fine-tuning most types of electrical equipment, then you may have the capability of successfully putting back collectively a defective LCD keep an eye on even though you lack the formal training.

A liquid very display (LCD) monitor which is thin and flat is utilized in many desktop personal computers today replacing the cathode ray tube (CRT). This is more energy-efficient because it requires less lights conditions compared to CRT’s. Other advantages of the LCD monitor in comparison to CRT’s include reduced the radiation, causes less eye stress, is light weight and can save space. The particular life of your LCD keep an eye on is believed to last between 5 to 7 years, and considering the normal wear and tear of the unit, the part that may need replacement during its usable life is usually the backlight.

The particular TV is now an essential and integral part of most people’s daily schedule. We now have become very based mostly on it for our entertainment and information needs that having one suddenly stop working becomes a mini crisis inside our home. When this happens, does it mean it is time to buy a new one?

A ten years or two ago during the heydays of the CRT TV, a TELEVISION breaking down would have meant that making a stop in the TV repair shop or a property visit by the TV repair professional was in order. Nevertheless , when the new TV technology came about, TV repair businesses started seeing a decline in customers because the new TVs like LCD and plasmas have become so better in quality that old ones breaking down would no longer automatically mean business for a TV repair stores but instead would mean a trip to the electronics store.