Men Can Also Be Fashionable by Wearing the Six Kinds of Hats

By | June 19, 2018

We should “wear” each hat in turn, and analyze the issue at hand from six different aspects separately. Inside a party setting, the complete group is encouraged to use just one hat at a time, thus contributing to an organized and thorough discussion, rather than a confused and mixed-up argument.Related image

Red Hat symbolizes thoughts and feelings. While wearing this hat, people are “allowed” to express their feelings about the subject or to share their basic mood, which were affecting their participation or lack of it. This hat will not require logical thinking or justification, as feelings are almost always subjective rather then rational.

An additional advantage for using the Six Hats and Fascinators Yorkshire of Imaginative Communication model is dependent on the point that different people are influenced by different sorts of communication – some are deeply influenced by emotion, while others are more susceptive to reasonable reasoning, and a 3 rd group might desire a good amount of objective information in order to make their own judgment. When you come up with creative communication ideas addressing all types of thinking, you will be able to choose that best fit your audience, or even to use all kinds of thinking to ensure that anyone can find what they are looking for in your message.

Not all ideas are ideal for the 6 Hats method of Creative Communication. The six less difficult method is a way for making a comprehensive research of a subject. Therefore, it might not exactly be well suited for issues that are not important enough or too basic. If you insist on using it too often, your audience might get tired of the extended discussion of a make a difference which may be explained in a far simpler manner.

A different concern is the fact that the separating of thinking suggested by the six hats method is not the natural way humans think, at least – not the common way we are taught or trained to think. This specific entails that continuous hard work is required if you want to endorse and encourage this kind of creative thinking by yourself or in your party.

Shoot a video with six chapters of the same message – enjoyed out in six different moods. Say you wanted to discuss a new product. The white head wear would have people referring to it only in conditions of facts and statistics, data and numbers – even to an exaggerated and humoristic extent. One more section (yellow hat) would have euphoric people discussing the wonders that would follow from using the product. Another section would have a very negative person pointing out the risks of the device, but at the same time could have a bubble with a creative engineer (green hat) focusing on creative solutions for the issues raised by that pessimist. A final segment would have people getting very emotional about the product, jealous of folks who have it or very protective of it.

Men hardly wear hats in the modern times. In fact , it is a pity without the decoration of caps for men. No make a difference if avoiding the exposing of sun or embellishing your face condition or concealing your hair, a hat can finish each of the procedures in one step. Whether in the historical past or at present, hats play an important part of ornament and practical function. Hats have become another name of individuality and personality. We can be aware of a individuals personal traits by his hat. With the repeat of classical style, caps become a men’s fashion accessory again recently.