What Are the Top features of LCD and Plasma TVs?

By | May 27, 2018

The legitimate question regarding which is best in plasma vs FLATSCREEN TV battle can only be answered by taking into consideration what you look for in a toned screen TV, and which are your particular needs. We are talking here not just about what kind of programs you intend to watch, but also other aspects like price versus quality. During your stay on island cannot be an absolute winner in plasma vs LCD TV SET challenge, every buyer can make a sound choice, based on reliable information.Image result for tv repair

Whenever we go shopping for a fresh lg tv repair surbiton arranged, we cannot help but desire to buy an auto dvd unit that will enhance our experience when watching television. There have been and there still is a lively debate on this issue, although the balance gets tipped off towards the plasma models, as they can deliver better contrast.

The flat screen superiority can be explained, based on the fact that a plasma model can achieve true dark in a picture, while an LCD still falls behind, because of backlight that lets light pass between pixels. However, LCD Tv sets offer more versatility as they come in smaller sizes, and they can be taken safely as computer monitors or for actively playing games for extended periods of time.

It does not matter at which position you watch the lcd screen, you will get the same picture quality, which does not happen with LCD TV’s, which are prone to a drop in picture quality when viewed from an angle. Standard colors: Color saturation is not afflicted in the same way it is with an LCD TELEVISION, where light leakage may occur or certain areas of the screen could present uniformity problems. Better price for larger models: If you are buying larger flat screen TV SET, then this should be your choice, as larger plasmas are offered at more convenient prices.

LCD Televisions are slightly ahead in the plasma vs FLATSCREEN TV competition, as they consume, on average, with about 30% less than their counterparts. There are exceptions however, usually new models being more energy efficient, regardless of the technology. Convenience: LCD TVs weight not more than a plasma, which means that you can install it easier in your room, or place it on a wall. In the same time, LCD TVs are more convenient because they are available in smaller sizes than plasma TVs.

Plasma Televisions always suffered from burn-in. The newest models are incredibly tolerant, however if you plan to use the HD TV as a computer keep track of at some point you are going to get burn-in. Exact same story if you’re a hardcore gamer – while you can safely play games on a plasma TV for short periods of time, if you are planning to play for hours in a row and watch TV programs and videos less than you play childish games, it is recommended to buy an LCD over plasma.

There are many aspects that you need to consider when you are out there, shopping for a new flat screen TV. As you can see, each competitor has its advantages, and plasma vs LCD TV match has yet to come to an end. If you want to find out more about both technology and their particular advantages, you will find more details in this complete Plasma vs LCD TELEVISION guide.